Curia is a Belgian law firm with registered offices in Leuven and Brussels.


Office Leuven

Arnould Nobelstraat 40/0102
3000 Leuven
T +32 16 50 00 51
F +32 16 50 00 52


Directions Leuven


The entrance to the underground car park (height 2.10 m) is located in 26 Arnould Nobelstraat:

  • At the entrance, use the arrows (↑↓) to call 'CURIA'.

  • You will receive an access code.

  • The 'CURIA' visitor parking spaces are located on level -2 and are clearly marked: Curia visitor

  • In the car park, take the entrance door to the elevator (which is located immediately to the left of the Curia visitor parking space number 11) and go to our office on the ground floor.

Public transport

The train station and bus terminal are located on Martelarenplein, less than 10 minutes' walk to our office.
There is a pedestrian entrance at 102 Tiensevest (follow the directions to 'CURIA')


Office Brussel

Congresstraat 35
1000 Brussel
T +32 2 503 53 00
F +32 2 503 68 00


Directions Brussel


You can park your car (buy a ticket) in Congresstraat/rue du Congrès or in the side streets. There is also an underground car park in Koningstraat/rue Royale, under Motel 1 (5 minutes' walk to the office).

Public transportion

Our office is less than 10 minutes' walk rom Central Station.
Get off at Madou metro station, then take the exit to Congreszuil/Colonne du Congrèsl on Congresstraat/rue du Congrès.