We make sure the right expert is assigned to each project and each case, and this specialist works together with you as a partner and process counsellor. We focus on solving problems.

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We can provide a practical and feasible solution based on the facts and the applicable law.


We bundle our legal and tactical skills to close the deal you had in mind.


We defend your interests in court or assist you with alternative forms of dispute resolution – right down to the last detail.



Curia can help you with all aspects of the recruitment, employment and dismissal of employees, civil servants, independent employees and professional sportsmen and women, including:

  • Collective bargaining

  • Wage optimisations

  • Restructuring

  • International employment

  • Pension funds

  • Social criminal law

Key contact: Guido Lamal



Entrepreneurship is all about taking risks. Our business-minded lawyers ensure that your questions receive the right answer for an efficient and well-calculated solution. So you know what risks you can and can't take. We think business.

  • Company law

  • Financial law

  • Mergers, acquisitions and private equity investments

  • Commercial disputes

  • Insolvency and the Belgian Companies Continuity Law (WCO/LCE)

  • Commercial contracts

Key contact: Yvette Verleisdonk



Do you have a government authority decision that needs to be prepared, defended or challenged? Curia assists government authorities and legal and natural persons in their relationship with each other. All aspects of constitutional law and administrative law can be covered.

  • Constitution

  • Discrimination

  • Administrative law

  • Permits, approvals and grants

  • Discipline

  • Education

Key contact: Evelyne Maes


Construction and real estate

At Curia, a team is ready to help you with your projects in the construction and real estate sector.  From what our clients tell us, we have the skills to understand technical issues and to transpose them into relevant legal points of contention. And we defend every point of contention with great passion. We are active in the following fields:

  • Construction law

  • Public procurement

  • Real estate disputes

Key contact: Katleen Tobback


Social profit and non-profit

We help the organisations and businesses that take care of all of us. We listen to any legal questions you may have and get back to you with a comprehensive solution. We then help you implement these solutions in the capacity of legal expert, process counsellor or transition manager. Our many years of experience and familiarity with the sector and its various sub-sectors form the basis of our knowledge in this area.

  • Non-profit organisations and foundations

  • International associations

  • Professional associations

  • Social enterprises

  • Social impact investing

  • Social impact bonds